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Avoid Mayhem in Your Home for the Holidays

Avoid Mayhem in Your Home for the Holidays

The Holidays can often me a stressful time of year. But they can and should be pleasant. Here are a few tips that should help lighten your load and make this time of year more enjoyable.

  1. Prepare for decorating. Think about how you want to decorate this year. Are you going to do the same as last year? or are you looking to add some new elements? If your adding to it, then consider buying the supplies/decorations you need soon, so you’re not in a last minute rush to get it done!
  2. Do traditional activities that bring you joy, not just because they are traditions. We each have many holiday traditions some are more enjoyable than others. If you are feeling stressed and short on time. Eliminate the activities that are rewarding or fun. Life is too short!

3.Hosting a holiday party? Look for a few recipes you can make in advance and freeze a week before your big event. This will save you a lots of time prepping right before your event.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!


Your Gorge Interior Designer, Ashley Hinkle